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Ioannis N. Skiotes


Screenwriter & Script Analyst

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Award Winning Screenwriter Ioannis N Skiotes, who has written 64 scripts, sold 19 (4 for a renowned studio) 1 option, and critiqued over 1000 features, is available as: 


*  Writer-For-Hire (see Bio);

*  Script Analyst using unique three pass methodology (see Script Analysis);

*  For Producers seeking to reduce Production costs without story loss, Script Rewrite using  

   Production Board and Budget (see Script Analysis). 





Plus Pitch Deck. Investment Bank Guarantee for Investors & Producers


Of the Top 100 heroine films only 7 were True Stories, the rest fictional with 'Thelma & Louise' one of the most popular. But long before those fictional women there was Molly Zelko, from 1936-1957 a daring reporter residing in the titular, gritty city near Chicago facing its darkest hour as The Outfit descended upon them like a hawk, ravaging its heinous claws deep into City Hall. She exposes their corruption after they whacked her mentor, teams with a female Special Agent revealing murders, cover ups, double crosses, with matters escalating to RFK’s Senate Labor Racketeering Committee on gambling, Hoover's FBI investigations on rigged bidding, and Molly’s mysterious disappearance.

An untold story of a woman with more mettle than the men they faced, sans the Me-Too safety net, challenging the all-male power structure in Journalism and  Law Enforcement while facing The Outfit’s wrath in Illinois’ second most violent city, to lead them out of the darkness and into the light.

Imagine what Molly endured and you have a compelling saga that fits the current zeitgeist of female driven films, which the NY Times says, “The clout and importance of the female audience has never been bigger.”


Feature Critique: Cable Ace Best Producer Terence Donnelly (12 Angry Men): “Once again you have proven your skill at telling the story effectively and efficiently, defining your characters with unique qualities and moving it all along with little that gets in the way. There were moments during my read that I channeled Thelma and Louise… not a bad direction to go. What a great vehicle for two strong females to take on the Mob and City Hall! I can’t imagine that you will have any trouble in attaching two A-Listers to bring Molly and Mary to life. I keep hearing complaints from the ladies that there are not enough good roles for them… this should put that argument to rest. Great work.”

Pilot Critique: Producer/Director/AD Hilbert Hakim (Krews, Batman Begins): “Joliet took me back to the great black and white noir genre mobster films, with the likes of James Cagney and so many other American classics. Ioannis Skiotes skillfully tells the story through his two female lead characters, which redefines the genre. Based on a True Story, the FBI and a local paper stand together to bring down the notorious gangsters. Project can play well as a feature or series.”

Series Overview: Talent Manager Christian Taylor said, “Series was very well presented and included all of the basic beats of the story in a concise document. The female central character is a very attractive role for A-list talent and the premise is certainly intriguing. I especially enjoyed the tone, setting and supporting characters and their relationships.”

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